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Testimonials - what our customers say.

UK Tour for American Students


"At Pheonix Travel, our partnership with Coach Hire Direct has been nothing short of exceptional. Their commitment and flexibility has significantly enhanced our UK tours, making them a memorable and cherished experience for our clients."

"Coach Hire Direct's expertise in providing specialized transportation solutions for our 7 to 10-day UK tours has been invaluable. Their deep knowledge of the UK travel landscape, accessibility requirements, and logistical intricacies has ensured that every detail of our tours is expertly handled. This level of expertise has translated into seamless and enjoyable journeys for our clients."

"Coach Hire Direct has assumed an authoritative role in guiding us through the complexities of travel planning in the UK. Their insights into accessible destinations, route planning, and local experiences have been invaluable in curating tours that exceed our clients' expectations. This authoritative guidance has allowed us to provide our clients with unique and authentic UK experiences."

Brad Holbrook, Company Owner, Pheonix Travel

Enhancing Senior Care with Coach Hire Direct

"Coach Hire Direct team's expertise in accessible transportation was a game-changer for our care homes. They provided specialized vehicles that accommodated our residents' wheelchairs with ease, making our local day trips truly accessible and enjoyable."

"We trusted Coach Hire Direct to prioritize our residents' well-being during their outings, and they delivered. Their commitment to safety and their reputation for trustworthiness gave us peace of mind knowing our residents were in capable hands."

"Our residents had a fantastic Experience during their day trips. Coach Hire Direct's comfortable and wheelchair-friendly vehicles ensured that every outing was hassle-free and enjoyable, enhancing our residents' overall well-being. Our partnership with Coach Hire Direct has truly enriched the lives of our elderly residents."

Care Home.jpg

Joanne Hampton, Carer, Smithhills Care Homes

Enhancing Fan Experience with Coach Hire Direct

"Coach Hire Direct's expertise in coordinating transportation for sports events made all the difference for our football club. Their tailored solutions ensured that our fans could travel to away games with ease, knowing that logistics were handled by experts."

"Our fans had an incredible Experience traveling with Coach Hire Direct. Their modern and comfortable coaches made the journey enjoyable, adding to the overall excitement of cheering for our team during away games. Our partnership with Coach Hire Direct has significantly elevated the fan experience for our supporters."

AFC, Club Secretary

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