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5 Things to do in Liverpool

So, you are planning on visiting Liverpool! What activities are in Liverpool? In this article, we will give you 5 great ideas for activities.

Liverpool is a bustling, multicultural city with a wide variety of attractions that may occupy tourists of all interests. The renowned M&S Bank Arena stages high-profile events throughout the year. The city is home to some of the top museums in the nation, and there are plenty of options for dining and shopping. Are you taking advantage of all the opportunities Liverpool offers with its seemingly endless list of must-see tourist attractions?

This cultural city provides everything you could possibly want for an amazing day trip to Liverpool, whether you love history, consider yourself a music expert, or have a family to keep occupied. With so many options, this website will be updated frequently, so check back for even more fantastic suggestions!

Use these suggestions for things to do in Liverpool to help you prepare for your next trip to the city.

Things to do

There are attractions in Liverpool that are appropriate for everyone, including family-friendly activities and incredible possibilities for shopping, culture, and cuisine. Here are a few of the city's top tourist destinations.

Visit and Explore the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

What better way to begin our section on attractions in Liverpool! Have you truly been to Liverpool if you haven't yet been to the Royal Albert Dock? The famous area was recently given the designation "Royal" in honour of the landmark's important contribution to Liverpool's maritime heritage. The Echo Arena and the lively city centre are both only around the corner from the pier.

The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool hosts a variety of events throughout the year, including water displays, live music, and pop-up football competitions. A variety of independent shops, many of which sell fantastic souvenirs and presents, are available to those who love to browse. When it comes to eating, we suggest visiting The Smugglers' Cove for a themed experience or the Revolution Bar for energising drinks. However, when it comes to food and drink, there really is a little bit for everyone here.

Not to be overlooked are the scheduled visits of the majestic fleet of Tall Ships to Liverpool's Royal Albert Dock. During a three-day celebration marking the tenth anniversary of Liverpool's designation as the European Capital of Culture in 2018, a total of 17 ships moored. Visitors got the wonderful opportunity to step onboard the ships as well as gaze at them from a distance. The Atyla, Belle Poule, Morgenster, and Lord Nelson were among the ships in the armada, which included ships from all parts of the globe. The Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool should be at the top of your list if you're looking for things to do in Liverpool.

Have You Ever Fancied Visiting the UK’s Largest Inflatable Park?

This attraction's location is in neighbouring Widnes, not in Liverpool itself. However, it is conveniently accessible via public transportation. The largest inflatable park in the UK is located in Velocity Widnes and offers a variety of entertaining activities for visitors of all ages. This park is not only ideal for children to have hours of entertainment, but it is also suitable for business excursions and fitness activities.

Do not worry about your age or skill level, you can accomplish a lot here. Two severe drop slides, the largest ball pool in the UK, a gladiator arena with podiums, and a tall climbing wall are all included in the inflatable zone. Even a game inspired by Total Wipeout with enormous bouncing balls serving as obstacles exists! Toddlers can have their own sessions exclusively on weekdays during the school year, and there is a separate slide and ball pool section for smaller kids. On-site food and drink options are available, and there is a viewing room with free Wi-Fi for those who wish to watch.

Packages are offered to fit every occasion, whether you're searching for a quick bounce, organising a birthday party, or putting up a team-building activity. Since its debut a few years ago, Velocity has experienced tremendous growth in popularity. To minimise disappointment, it is advised that you book in advance if you wish to guarantee a session.

Wander the Oldest Chinese Community in Europe

One of the oldest Chinese populations in Europe is located in Liverpool's renowned Chinatown, making it the ideal location to experience a variety of cultures. Chinatown in Liverpool contains a bit of everything to give tourists a flavour of Chinese culture. This is a fantastic location for sightseeing and exploring because of its outstanding architecture, including the renowned arch. Badminton, Tai Chi, and the Photographic Society are just a few of the organised activities available in Chinatown that foster a sense of community. You may even do that if you want to get a better understanding of Mandarin. Or perhaps you wish to take up a new pastime, like calligraphy?

This neighbourhood offers additional shopping options, like the Chung Wah Supermarket, where you can get the greatest Asian goods. There are plenty of alternatives for Chinese restaurants if you don't feel like cooking authentic Asian cuisine yourself. Chinatown is unquestionably a location we suggest for Chinese New Year festivities since it is consistently a bustling region of the city for activities with a pleasant spirit.

Ever fancied a Turkish Bath?

AsianIn recent years, Turkey has emerged as a favourite vacation spot for Britons, and among the first things they partake in is a Turkish bath. A traditional Turkish bath, often known as a hammam, is an unparalleled spa experience. Enjoying a Turkish bath has several advantages, including reducing stress, clearing the skin, and getting rid of pollutants. Turkish baths should be used as soon as possible after arriving if you want to make the most of your vacation and feel calm and relaxed the rest of the time. The traditional procedure often entails a trained attendant bathing and massaging you while you are lying down on a marble slab called a gobek tasi for several minutes.

Liverpool has its own Turkish bath, did you know that? This is a fantastic chance for you to take advantage of your vacation time away from home while also experiencing a little bit of Turkish culture right here in England. On Smithdown Road in Wavertree, Adam and Eve Turkish Bath claims to provide you with a clean and comfortable experience. You will first take a brief shower before spending the first 10 to 15 minutes in the sauna. Then comes the hammam procedure, which comprises rinsing, exfoliating, and washing your body with a thick foam of soap mixed with olive oil and honey. Following a soothing massage, guests may rest in the lounge and enjoy delicious Turkish apple tea and other treats. This location offers additional beauty, hair, and barber services.

Visit Liverpools Iconic Statues

Some of Liverpool's most recognisable monuments, many of which reflect different eras in the city's history, are easy to find. In fact, the Beatles statue, one of the most well-known statues at the Pier Head, is directly outside where our Liverpool sightseeing bus stops! The location of this monument, which was inaugurated in 2015, makes it the ideal spot for a fast selfie.

Don't miss the bronze statue honouring Liverpool comedian Ken Dodd outside Lime Street Station if you're arriving by rail. Speaking of well-known residents, Mathew Street also features a memorial to Cilla Black.

Do you know what a SuperLambanana is? This well-known and distinctively brilliant yellow sculpture that looks like a hybrid between a banana and a lamb is without a doubt one of the top tourist attractions in Liverpool. The original sculpture for this well-known work of art is located on Tithebarn Street. Fans of football should avoid going to Anfield or Goodison Park if they don't want to view the monuments of Bill Shankly and Dixie Dean, two renowned players. The distinctive cast-iron sculptures at Crosby Beach are a work of modern art that is definitely worth adding to your list if you feel like venturing a little farther.

There are many famous sculptures and monuments in Liverpool, and we have only touched on a few of them.

The Best Form Of Transport

Now that you've made the decision to visit Liverpool, it's time to think about your transportation choices! Detailed instructions on how to enter the city and navigate it are provided in this section.

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