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8 Top Christmas Markets in The UK 2022

We've chosen the best Christmas markets in England and Scotland for you to visit this year, whether you've been in the holiday spirit since last February or you're just getting started.

We have picked out 8 of the best Christmas markets throughout the UK. See our list below!

Edinburgh's Christmas Market

If you're looking for significant Christmas markets, Edinburgh is the place to go because the entire city comes alive during the holiday season. East Princes Street Gardens hosts a European market with a variety of products from across the Channel, as well as unique crafts and gifts for sale. The traditional Scottish Market, which stocks delectable local fare for enjoyment, will be located on George Street for an authentic experience. When you add these markets to the fairs, performances, and kids' activities that are spread out all over the city, you're sure to have a great Christmas in Edinburgh. It makes sense why it's one of the best places to celebrate Christmas.

Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market

Birmingham's famous Christmas market, which is well-liked by holiday enthusiasts from the UK and beyond, takes over Victoria Square and New Street and fills it with holiday pleasure. It is one of the best Christmas markets in the UK and the largest German market outside of Germany and Austria. You can enjoy gluhwein, bratwurst, traditional handcrafted gifts for your loved ones, and live music from both local and German artists. The market is the cherry on top of Birmingham's Christmas tree; during the holiday season, you can also go ice skating, visit a different market in Cathedral Square, and listen to live music in the underpass near the Mailbox. Visit the famous Christmas tree in Victoria Square. It was given to Birmingham by the Frankfurt Christmas Market to mark the 20th anniversary of the market in 2019.

Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

Even though there are a ton of options, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland remains the highlight of London's celebrations. Although the Southbank, Tate Modern, and Leicester Square markets have their advantages, none of them compares to the impact of Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. Millions of people go there to feel the holiday spirit, and the number of people walking through the area grows every year because there are so many thrilling rides, market stalls, restaurants, and attractions, and the area is in the middle of London. With so much to see and do and an atmosphere unlike any other, it's an adventure for families, groups of friends, and couples alike. There is plenty of time to go, take it all in, and even come back for more exploring later in the holiday season because it is open until January.

Winchester Christmas Market

The market, which is held on the lovely grounds of Winchester Cathedral, revolves around a stage in the middle of the stalls and has a rotating lineup of regional artists who perform music from a variety of genres to get you in the holiday spirit. You'll have over 100 chalets to explore with a wealth of food and presents available to buy, and all of the stalls are hand-picked by the organisers to ensure a wide and outstanding range of produce. The event is inspired by the old German markets. Winchester's market, which is well-known both in Britain and around Europe, is a festive event that will have you singing carols and hanging up the tinsel in no time.

Manchester Christmas Markets

With over 300 vendors, Manchester's Christmas market is one of the largest in all of Britain. In the city centre, there are many streets lined with stalls selling a wide variety of enticing food and drink, as well as a wide selection of presents for loved ones. Each market area has its own theme, with Albert Square housing the traditional European market, Brazennose Street housing a world market, King Street serving as the foundation for a French theme, and St. Ann's Square housing the German market. Manchester must be one of the best places in the UK to go to a Christmas market, what with its family-friendly area at Cathedral Gardens, where there will be an ice rink and some performances for kids, and its craft fairs on different streets.

Cardiff Christmas Market

Cardiff, a Welsh winter marvel, is home to one of the UK's most well-known Christmas markets. Each year, a new lineup of vendors and tastefully decorated stalls can be found at the Christmas market. As well as St. John Street, Working Street, and Trinity Street, the market will engulf The Hayes in the centre of the city, bringing with it a plethora of festive goods. Every year, the organisers carefully choose which vendors will be present. They also rotate the stallholders over the market's six-week run to keep things interesting and alluring, even for repeat visitors. Cardiff's Winter Wonderland, meanwhile, features a family-friendly ice rink and fairground rides in front of City Hall (15th November - 8th January). Discover Cardiff, a beautiful city, at its merriest, and enjoy all that the holiday season has to offer.

York St Nicholas Fair

The St. Nicholas Fair is a great time of year to visit this magnificent city since the old streets of York never look better than when they are all lit up for Christmas. Parliament Street and St. Sampson's Square are lined with mountain chalets that will transport you to a winter wonderland, making it one of the best Christmas markets in the country. Events are held at The Shambles as well, and you can eat festive food from all over the world at the food court there.

Oxford Christmas Market

Oxford is one of the best-known Christmas markets in the city of dreaming spires. In the heart of the city, close to the Sheldonian Theater and Oxford University, the decorations illuminate the streets. Explore Broad Street to see wooden awnings with needlework, bakeries with tasty macaroons, unique geometric pendants, and much more. This place is great for pre-Christmas shopping since it has a fun ambience, carousel rides, and carolers. a lovely market within a picturesque city makes this the perfect location to get excited about a magical Christmas.

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