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Unveil the Enchantment of Ripon Races: Your Handbook to an Exciting Day at Yorkshire's Garden Racecourse

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes of Yorkshire lies Ripon Races, beckoning both seasoned racing enthusiasts and casual spectators alike. With over 300 years of tradition woven into its fabric, this charming racecourse promises an experience beyond mere competition. Whether you're a devoted follower of racing or simply seeking a delightful day out, Ripon Races ensures an unforgettable adventure.

Ripon Horse Racing Course Yorkshires Garden Racecourse
Ripon Horse Racing Course Yorkshires Garden Racecourse

Here are the Ripon Racecourse race days and times for 2024:

  • Season Opener: Thursday, April 18th

  • April Feature Raceday: Thursday, April 27th

  • Traditional Family Day: Sunday, May 19th

  • Evening Racing & Ladies' Day: Wednesday, June 19th & Thursday, June 20th

  • Go Racing in Yorkshire Festival: Saturday, July 20th

  • Family Olympics Day: Sunday, August 11th

  • William Hill Great St. Wilfrid: Saturday, August 17th

  • Bank Holiday Family Day: Monday, August 26th

Ripon Horse Racing Course Guide

Ripon Horse Racing Course Guide
Ripon Horse Racing Course Guide

A Journey Through Time: Ripon Races' Enduring Legacy

Dating back to the 17th century, Ripon Races have become an integral part of Yorkshire's cultural heritage. From its inaugural race meeting in 1666 to the present day, Ripon has witnessed the finest moments in English racing history. Legendary jockeys, illustrious horses, and a deep-rooted connection to the past continue to define Ripon's legacy, offering a unique blend of tradition and excitement.

A Celebration Beyond Racing: What Makes Ripon Races Special?

Ripon Races transcend the realm of equestrian competition, embodying a celebration of heritage, community, and equine affection. Here's what sets Ripon apart:

Unmatched Charm: Set against Yorkshire's breathtaking backdrop, Ripon exudes charm with its manicured lawns and graceful grandstand, creating an atmosphere both refined and inviting.

Exclusive Events, Elevated Anticipation: Unlike other venues, Ripon hosts a limited number of race days, elevating each event to a highly anticipated occasion. The palpable excitement as locals and visitors gather for thrilling races and conviviality is unparalleled.

Dynamic Track Design: Ripon's track presents a unique challenge with its tight turns and undulating terrain, demanding skill and strategy from jockeys. Spectators witness gripping races with close finishes and daring maneuvers.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Ripon Races cater to all ages, offering entertainment beyond the races. From live music to children's activities and delectable food stalls, there's something for everyone.

A Glimpse into Racing History: A visit to Ripon is a journey through time, where the historic grandstand, age-old traditions, and local expertise offer insight into Yorkshire's racing legacy.

Planning Your Perfect Day at Ripon Races: Essential Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

Ripon City Centre The horn
Ripon City Centre

To ensure your Ripon Races experience is exceptional, consider the following tips:

Mark Your Calendar: Plan your visit around upcoming race days in 2024, including themed events like Ladies' Day and the Great St. Wilfrid.

Transportation Planning: Arrange reliable transportation to and from the racecourse, considering the proximity of your accommodation.

Pre-book Tickets: Secure your tickets in advance, especially for popular race days, to guarantee entry and avoid last-minute stress.

Explore On-Site Amenities: Discover the racecourse's amenities, from comfortable seating to diverse dining options and entertainment.

Parking: If driving, confirm parking arrangements in advance to streamline your arrival.

By following these tips, you'll embark on a memorable journey at Ripon Races, immersing yourself in the magic of Yorkshire's premier racecourse.

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Ripon Horse Racing Coach Hire

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Ripon Horse Racing Minibus Hire
Ripon Horse Racing Minibus Hire

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Ripon Races Contact Information:

Ripon Race Course Address:

Ripon Racecourse

Boroughbridge Road


North Yorkshire


United Kingdom

For the most up-to-date information on race times and any potential changes, it's always best to consult the official Ripon Races website: 


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